Top 5 Nail Tips

Get your Gloves on No one likes cold hands. Apart from being chilly the cold slows blood circulation decreasing nail growth and shine. So wear gloves to keep warm and keep the blood flowing to those extremities. Also, make sure you use washing-up gloves. Your...

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Top 5 Exfoliation Tips

Exfoliants have been a hot topic in the press with the US Government and then more recently the UK Government banning use of micro plastic beads in cosmetic exfoliants. Some of us were always using super beautiful natural exfoliating grains and were happy to make...

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Top 3 Ingredients to Avoid and Why

To help you decipher some of the chemicals on non-organic products here is a list of 3 things that could await you in a non-organic bottle.Petroleum- paraffinum liqudum, mineral oils, petroleum oilsThese are some of the cheap base products in nearly every non-organic cleanser, body...

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5 Tips for the Best Party Legs!

Don't use a shaving foam to shave your legsAll mainstream formulations are full of drying toxic ingredients such as Sodium Lauyrl Sulphate - also used in engine degreaser and floor cleaner. Instead, give your legs some luxury certified organic Pinks Boutique treatment and use either...

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