Our Products

Are your products safe to use during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Yes they are as we select only non toxic organic and natural ingredients. The products are some of the most pure and safe skincare in the world, all certified by the Soil Association.

We do use essential oils in the majority of products so in trimester one you may want to ensure you sample and ensure the aroma does not offend your ‘new pregnancy nose’ or effect your morning sickness.

The only essential oils we suggest our Pregnant and Breastfeeding clients avoid are our Wild Peppermint and Eucalyptus and Foot range. Peppermint and Eucalyptus are not confirmed by the aromatherapy world as an absolute no, however they are more stimulating oils and thus we advise to avoid them.

We would advice, and all our spa therapists do, that if you are pregnant and breastfeeding you use the for facial- the Rose or Ocha ranges. In the body ranges we suggest the Rose or the Sweet Orange systems as these are beautifully blended to be ideal for pregnancy.

Do your products contain Gluten?

Pinks Boutique products are Gluten free.

Do your products contain nuts?

We do not use any nuts in our products. We do use shea butter which is termed as a nut but it is not the same family as peanuts and is not normally linked to nut allergies. We also use sesame oil in some products, again not classified as a nut but the proteins in sesame seeds can resemble proteins in certain nuts.

While our INCI lists contain no nuts our manufacturing facility may produce other brands products containing nuts. When our products are used in spas and salons it is crucial to talk directly to the spa as we cannot guarantee that they are a nut free area or are not using any other product brands that do contain nuts.

We are always happy to provide samples of any products required to test. There will be a small charge for these per pot plus the postage cost but it will be a very cost effective way of trying them.

Do you test on animals?

No. We do not test on animals nor use animal derived ingredients. We, nor the Soil Association allow it.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

All of our products are suitable for vegans, we don’t use any animal derived ingredients.

How long do the products last?

The vast majority of our products have a 6 month from opening symbol. After this it is not that they explode (!) but that the ingredient potency and aroma may start to decline. The bottles are sized to so that we with recommended usage you should have always used it within the time. Think of our organic products like food- if there was anything wrong with it you would smell or see a distinct change. This is very rare. Always ask us if you are worried about anything and please read about the variations below!

Variations in Organic Skincare

Remember with hand blended skincare you may see slight variations in texture and colours of the natural ingredients per batch. Our skilled lab team do their best to avoid this but when you are using plants, seed oils and organic actives harvests and growing conditions vary and so the raw natural ingredients can also. It is in fact a sign of real purity. Synthetic skincare is the only skincare that will look identical batch to batch for 30 years!

How should I store my skincare?

All of your Pinks Boutique skin and body care should be stored In a cool, dry dark place. Do not allow them to go over 21 degrees especially any of the balm based products as they will melt. If this occurs they will become solid again once cool and you will be able to use them. Please avoid doing this too regularly though so you do not effect the ingredients potency.

Are the products Organic?

Yes, there are very few skincare brands that volunteer to have a third party check and validate this as it is an expensive process and very time consuming. The Soil Association have certified ALL Pinks Boutique skin and body care products. The have validated that the bottles have over 70%- 100% organic ingredients and that any remaining percentage is from the allowed natural category. This is the highest global organic certification standards. Their logo means that our ingredients are grown in clean soil, extracted without solvents and handled conscientiously during the manufacturing process. Our third-party certification means that you can trust us when we say we’re committed to nontoxic and eco friendly practices, we really mean it.

Does any of the skincare contain SPFs?

We do not currently have any products with SPF. These are tricky in the certified organic world as they have to have certain chemicals to stop the sun. We are working on this for the future and are in the middle of trying to create one right now! Our advise would always be to have a separate SPF to your moisturiser- they do 2 different jobs.

What are the scents in Pinks Boutique products?

All of our scents come from real fruits and flowers- they are all organically grown highest grade essential oils.

We do not use ‘parfum’ synthetic fragrances. When a product has just ‘parfum’ written in the ingredient list, this one word alone can contain up to 150- 200 ingredient parts. Hence why fragrance often irritates sensitive skin.

It is also possible that an organic essential oil could irritate very sensitive skin so if this sounds like you please make sure you sample our products first.

Please note the EU Cosmetic legislation now dictates that in the INCI ingredient list you have to put the word ‘parfum’ before an essential oil name. We do not use synthetic ‘parfum’ but legally have to use this word alongside our essential oils. An annoying confusion.

Orders & Returns

What is the No quibble 30 day guarantee?

Buying new skincare ranges can be difficult, especially if you have sensitive or unhappy skin.

That is why firstly we are always happy for you to purchase small 5 ml samples to test how they work for you.

Also, we have a 30 day, no quibble guarantee on full size product, meaning you can return them for a full refund within 30 days of the customer physically receiving the order from the courier. We believe in our products and we want you to buy knowing you have our support and understanding. It gives your skin the chance to experience a full 28 day skin cycle and see how it responds.

If for any reason they are not right for you we can refund them or exchange for something that is.

We don’t believe in small print so we have kept it the same size!

This guarantee is only available on products purchased directly from us at pinksboutique.com, not any of our spas or third party resellers. We will refund the price paid for the product as per your receipts but not including postage.

The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the order which much arrive back to us in good condition so please pack well.

Returns excludes try me pots, try me sets, muslins, mitts, gift sets and any décor items.

The guarantee is for consumers not spa/salon or business purchases. You guys should speak to the office direct if you have any problems! Please email hello@pinksboutique.com to arrange the return under the no quibble 30 day guarantee.

Do I get 2 free samples with my order?

Yes, all orders made on pinksboutique.com come with 2 free samples from a selection of products with our compliments. We will personally choose the best samples to match your product selection, so just sit back an look forward to receiving a little surprise from us to you.

What is the gift hand wrapping?

We are big believers in attention to detail and things looking beautiful. The style of our wrapping and boxes may alter over your orders as we keep changing and trying new beautiful ways to send out our products but we always hand wrap with love and care. When you checkout you will be able to add a request for a card with a message if your purchase is for a gift.

What payment methods do you except?

We happily accept Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express.

What are the delivery options in the UK?

Orders made before 1pm GMT are shipped the same day.

We now offer FREE PREMIUM UK Next Day(including NI) on orders over £75. Orders are send via DPD Local or DHL/Yodel and should arrive within 1-2 days working days.

PREMIUM NEXT DAY in the UK (£3.95) are also sent on a priority DPD Local or DHL service that is 1-2 days guaranteed by courier. They have a 98% success rate so if for any reason you parcel isn't delivered on time please let us know and we will find out has happened on this rare occasion.

(Please note this is delivery for consumers not our spas- head office will sort your shipping rates and timing with spas.)

PLEASE NOTE: Larger order within UK are charged as follows:

(over 30kg) 30.1 kg – 60.0 kg £25.00

(over 60kg) 60.1 kg – 100.0 kg £50.00

Do you deliver worldwide?

Well, we would love to but due to the impact of Brexit, industrial action in the UK and shipping rate rises beyond our control we are no longer able to offer shipping outside of the UK, NI & Channel Islands.

Please check back as we hope this will change in the future!