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Our Spa Treatments


Facial Treatment Menu Overview

Our Treatment Core

  • Instant relaxation, welcome touch with elixir mist sprays always to open and close
  • Aroma matters- we have developed 3 beautiful facial aromas as you shouldn’t underestimate the nose
  • Organic and Bioactive- as everything we make!
  • Back and front- facials always start on the back and include the upper back.
  • Detailed touch- fixing the rubbish bits in facials, mask application, eye make up removal.
  • Compact retail range for the timeshort 
  • Innovative treatments from 30mins – 1hr45
  • Natural face lifts
  • Mask time- not just head massage, be playful and memorable.
  • Décor and set up- tray, teapots, the theatre all impacts the client, much more than therapists think. This is crucial to a PB treatment and delivery.

Our Facial System Blends: Organically sourced ingredients for professional performance skincare.

Organic Rose -  for highly sensitive and mature skins. For those who need their facial to minimize the risk of irritation, calm the appearance of redness, be free from irritants whilst being unrivalled for skin repair, cellular renewal, soothing and hydration.

Ocha - packed with white and green tea for high anti- oxidant anti ageing skin care for normal to dry and dehydrated skins. For a facial centred on hydration, complexion brightening and smoothing.

Lemongrass and Mandarin - antiseptic and restorative for combination, oily and younger skins to help prevent breakouts, be free from pore blocking ingredients and drying alcohols which promote and frequently cause oil imbalances typical when using synthetic skin care.


Eco Chic/ Organic Facial

60 mins

Our organic facial combines deep cleansing with our Camellia based melt-exfoliation, a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage and a mask. The upper back and neck are also included, providing these often-neglected areas with vital moisture. Designed to restore the natural balance of your skin, the Pinks Boutique products use only natural ingredients, such as herbs, essential oils and anti-oxidants, to promote clear, hydrated and radiant skin


Pinks Boutique Anti-Ageing Facial


Thanks to organic processing, the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals within Pinks Boutique products are kept intact, not destroyed – as often occurs in chemical processing. Using super-charged rosehip – scientifically proven to reduce signs of ageing, wrinkles and sun damage – this facial also works on the tell-tale giveaways – the back of the neck and decollate also. Natural face-lift massage techniques and pressure points encouraging lymph drainage will leave your complexion visibly smoothed and bright.

Learn how to prevent ageing from the inside and outside as our expert therapists guide you through the holistics of ageing.


Pinks Boutique Rose Eye Revive


Refresh tired eyes with our cooling rose quartz eye treatment. Soothe puffiness, rehydrate the delicate eye area whilst our exquisite rose oils relieve and relax tension headaches. The anti-inflammatory properties will leave your eye area renewed. This treatment can be added to any facial or body treatments.

Pinks Boutique Signature Facial


A truly luxurious experience. We’ll welcome you with a pot of tea handpicked for your skin type, hot towels, foot soak and organic foot scrub. You’ll then be deep-cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and masked on both sides of your body. Each stage of the facials a sensory delight with aroma-changing water, elixir sprays and deliciously scented scrubs, masks and moisturisers in either fresh, restorative lemongrass and mandarin, the powerful anti-oxidant Japanese Ocha or skin repairing and calming Organic Rose.


Facial Gym Workout


Let our PTs work you hard is this face and neck gym session. Sweatbands on, hydration cleanse melt to prepare you so that we can take your face through a warm up, strip down bamboo exfoliation, cardio and weights and massage toning session followed by a stretch out and cool down. A specially devised session for the face with cross train, running, skipping and tone massage movements to keep your jowls lifted, face plump and muscles strengthened.

High performance work out using high level anti oxidant, vitamin and omega fatty acid rich skincare, after all as every gym bunny knows the right supplements are a must!

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Manicure Pedicure Treatment Menu Overview

Our Treatment Core

  • Instant relaxation, welcome touch with elixir mist sprays always to open and close
  • File and Lime!
  • Organic and Bioactive- the only Soil Association manicure pedicure range
  • Ditch the standard manicure pedicure touch- you are a massage therapist- sell yourself and your other treatments.
  • Standing massage
  • Interesting soak water – salts, fruits and teapot our.
  • Longest treatments – a hybrid body treatment feeling.
  • No second class citizens on the treatment list, we make a mani pedi room and set up look as stunning as body/facial room.
  • Décor and set up- tray, teapots, the theatre all impacts the client, much more than therapists think. This is crucial to a PB treatment and delivery.

Pinks Boutique specialist Organic manicures and pedicures are raved about by beauty journalists with the ‘best manicure ever’ being a common quote. Once you have experienced one you will never go back to the norm. 

Marie Claire- 2013-  Lisa Oxenham, Head Beauty Director "The best pedicure I have ever had”


Signature Manicure

1hr 15mins

The journey begins with hand picked organic tea and a welcome elixir mist. The client is then transferred to a couch and remains semi reclined in their robe for the entire treatment. Hot towels sanitise the feet and hands before the nail work begins. The hands soak amongst a sweet orange mineral crystal soak and fresh orange slices and rosebuds whist pressure points are applied to the head. A full hand and arm organic scrub leads into a massage with a difference. Using Indonesian massage techniques the arms, shoulders and head are worked upon in our signature massage trail. To end the hands are always coated in our super hydrating Shea balm with a tea to finish, completing the journey.

(Varnish- optional- please note this cannot be organic)


Pinks Boutique Eco Chic Organic Manicure


With this treatment you can not only enjoy a superb manicure but also take comfort in knowing that only natural and organic ingredients will be going onto your skin. Performed whilst seated, enjoy a sample of the signature touches and the delicate smells of the oils which result in a hydrating and indulgent manicure. 


Pinks Boutique Organic Maintenance Manicure


When time is short-  hot mitt welcome, file, fresh lime, quick cuticle push back, choice of 3 - free polish or buff


Gentleman’s’ Organic Manicure

30 mins

Hot mitt welcome, file, fresh lime, crystal soak, cuticle work and buff . Bespoke and add on 15 minutes deep hand and arm massage- 45 minutes 


Pinks Boutique Shape and Polish

15 mins

Hot crystal mitt welcome, file, choice of 3 - free polish or buff


Anti Age Manicure

60 mins

Full cuticle and varnish as normal but also…

Deep Cleanse of the area with Deep Cleanse Melt- visibly softens skin, removes skin impurities without damaging the acid mantle balance.

Sonic cleanse – the technology harnesses a patented range of sonic frequency to drive oscillation between 200 to 350 movements per second, working with skin's natural elasticity to beautifully transform skin's texture and appearance. Unlike spinning devices, the sonic cleansing technology works with skin's natural elasticity  the resulting flexing action creates smoother, softer skin and primes the skin to be more receptive to anti-aging treatments

Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids penetrate the skin- our award winning anti age serum is mixed into our soft pink rose clay mask with rejuvenating properties of natural vitamin E , Vitamin A, C, E and natural Retinoic acid.  This leave the skin soft, smoothed and plumped while Green tea extract provides a powerful anti oxidant to help fight free radicals and the ageing process.

Natural Hand Lift Massage using our Anti Ageing Serum packed full of natural plant extracts, antioxidant rich oils & essential fatty acids to reduce the signs of ageing and sun damage, works in harmony with avocado, apricot and jojoba oils to rejuvenate and restore skin cells helping to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


Pinks Boutique Signature Organic Pedicure

1hr 30mins

This journey begins with a hand picked organic tea and a welcome elixir mist. Following hot towels to the feet they are placed in a large wooden soaking bowl with fresh mint and showered with Himalayan mineral crystals, sustainable mined and 100% natural. We always treat the ‘top and tail’ and whilst this is happening the head is massaged. When all the wet work is complete the client is transferred to the couch and is grounded with a journey trail around the body. The nail and cuticle work is carried out and leads into a reflex influenced stick foot massage with our signature massage trail. To end the feet are coated in our super hydrating balm, perfect for dry heals and a tea completes the journey.


Pinks Boutique Eco Chic Organic Pedicure


A full detailed pedicure with only Soil Association organic products to nourish and soften tired feet. Sample the special touches of the Signature Himalayan pedicure whilst your feet are treated with the revitalising aromas of peppermint, lavender and geranium. Includes nail, cuticle work and hard skin removal. 


Pinks Boutique Maintenance Pedicure

30 mins

When time is short - hot mitt welcome, mint leaf soak, exfoliation, choice of 3- free polish or buff


Toe Tidy

20 mins

Hot crystal mitt welcome, file, choice of 3 - free polish or buff

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Body Treatment Overview

Our Treatment Core

  • Instant relaxation, welcome touch with elixir mist sprays always to open and close
  • Aroma matters- we have developed 4 beautiful aromas as you shouldn’t underestimate the nose.
  • Organic and Bioactive- as everything we make!
  • Perfect balance of taking entire person into account but also delivering good results, functional massage work too. These are not floaty treatments!  We will always adapt to the client but overall we train the therapist to deliver these with some solid depth and power.
  • Each treatment can be delivered with our 4 body systems. The client gets prescribed into the system first and then drinks/ foliage and fruit in the foot ritual bowls all match. We grate or crush in the matching fresh ingredient into the scrubs also creating theatre and boosting anti oxidants.
  • No second class citizens on the treatment list e.g body scrubs often tend to be average compared to 2 hr signatures, not here. Just as with waxing we believe the detail and trademark PB twists should happen in all treatments irrelevant of length and cost. Everything is built to upsell another treatment too and not just ours.
  • Décor and set up- tray, teapots, the theatre all impacts the client, much more than therapists think. This is crucial to a PB treatment and delivery.


Our Body System Blends:

  • Escape- Sweet Orange, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and patchouli
  • Detox- Lemongrass and Mandarin
  • Invigorate- Wild Peppermint, Eucalyptus, geranium and lavender
  • Relax- Organic Rose and rose geranium.


Body Menu Options


30 mins or 60 mins- Invigorate massage

An uplifting treatment tailored to your individual needs to revive you and stimulate tired, aching muscles. Performed using Bioactive organic sourced Pinks Boutique massage oils rich in anti- oxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins and crucially working on your back twice.


Stretch and Align


Stretch and Align 30 mins or 60 mins

A stress and tension releasing treatment. Our therapists will work on your body using long stretch movements and use your body weight to increase maneuverability.  Performed using Bioactive organic sourced Pinks Boutique massage oils rich in anti- oxidants, omega fatty acids and vitamins.


Pinks Power Massage

Finalist for Good Spa Guide ‘ Most Marvellous Massage’

90 mins

This massage will relax your muscles, balance your being and cleanse your body and soul.  First, your feet are cleansed, exfoliated and soothed. Then, using pressure points and meridian energy channels, your therapist will perform a full body massage combining Eastern and Western techniques. Your back is even massaged twice!


Back and beyond 


A smoothing and detoxifying full-back exfoliation using Pinks Boutique luxurious organic sugar, salt or crushed rosehip kernel scrub followed by relaxing, hot towels and a deep and powerful back massage. Perfect for easing away tension, leaving your skin feeling renewed and your body invigorated


Pinks Boutique Body Delight 

45 mins

Enjoy our SLOW exfoliation with our organic, sugar, salt or crushed rosehip kernel  -based body scrub, infused with organic essential oils, followed by hot towels to soothe your body and tantalize your skin, then you are enveloped in deeply hydrating Shea Butter body balm selected to match your body system. It’s perfect as a pre-holiday preparation, to ensure a good tan.


Travel Junkie Recovery

Revive, rehydrate and boost your circulation with our travellers treat package.

75 mins

Swollen feet are revived with a eucalyptus and wild mint foot ritual before your tired and aching muscles are stimulated with a neck, back and shoulder massage to boost your circulation after your long journey. Finally, a rehydrating facial using MLD techniques to soothe puffiness and congestion signals the end of your journey.


Signature Body Treatment 

120mins or 2.5hrs with a bath

Tea ritual, foot bath, full body exfoliation and Power Massage: a complete mind and body encounter that will take you on a journey of the senses.

Once your taste buds have been awakened with our welcome tea, let your feet be soothed and pampered in a organic crystal soak foot bath and scrub. You’ll then enjoy the delights of our organic, sugar or salt -based, full body scrub before being cocooned in soothing, hot towels. Our powerful full body massage will relax your muscles whilst rich, organic apricot and jojoba products leave your skin silky smooth and nourished with our rich fatty acid oils. A complete mind and body encounter that takes you on a journey of the senses


Sleeptime ½ day package

2hrs 30 mins of sleep time. Let us prepare you for your rest with a hot foot soak while we grate, zest and create your fresh organic body scrub. An all over exfoliation leads into a full body massage. zzzzzzz night night.


Pink O Clock ½ day

2hr 30 mins

Cheers!  It is that time of day. Let us create you a cocktail foot bath before we perform a lymph pathway on your back, a full back of body massage then a 30 minute facial and completing the treatment with another back massage. There is always a good excuse to have two!


Own Time- full day package

‘OWN TIME’ 4.5 hrs

Just you and only you, this is all about you. Your own time will include a signature pedicure, full stretch and body alignment massage including a facial deep cleanse and tone. Body and facial work however your morning session ends with completely perfect painted toes.

For the afternoon a full organic salt, sugar or crushed kernel body scrub with hot towel removal leads to a nourishing body balm infusion wrap. We then journey around your body balancing top and tail from our foot stick massage to a rose eye revive treatment and head massage



Rose Bloom Pregnancy Treatment

A relaxing and rejuvenating treatment with a focus on healing and body restoration. Let us nurture your body and bump using our Organic certified Rosehip scrub and bioactive oil and balm to keep the skin supple and help prevent stretch marks with our antioxidants and essential fatty acids boost.

Treatment includes a gentle crushed rose hip kernel body scrub and body massage. Your bump will enjoy a delicate moisturising mask, rich in omega fatty acids and then a coating our our superfood rose balm with provitamins A, D and E.

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Waxing - Luxury Organic Depilation

Pinks Boutique Organic Soil Association pre- and post- wax products will make you say, ‘Aah!’ not, ‘Ouch’ and our treatments are packed with little details such as an organic lollipop during your bikini wax!

Why should I have organic waxing?

Using Pinks Boutique Soil Association Pre and After wax lotions to ensure that you skin has no parabens, GM or toxic chemicals added to it during your waxing

Pinks Boutique Organic waxing uses only Soil Association certified pre and post wax products and whilst the base techniques remain the same we have added in some of the special touches we are famous for. Standard Pre wax cleansers generally have a very high alcohol content and strip your skin unnecessarily of its vital moisture. After waxing, every hair follicle is open and the products applied to this area have direct access to the bloodstream. The Pinks Boutique After Wax Calming Lotion which will be use on you is free from all of the paraben preservatives and toxins which standard lotions contain, thus preventing any unwanted chemicals from entering the body. Smooth calmed chemical free skin.  Please not there is globally no organic wax itself, sugaring is the most natural solution

All our spa waxing treatments have some fab little touches to get the best results and ensure a memorable wax, organic lollies to suck during bikini lines, our little pink torch which checks for any missed hairs and our tiny massages to complete. Waxing can be a 5 * spa treatment and you can differentiate yourself from your competitors with your waxing. Pinks Boutique can also provide top up waxing training and intimate waxing training for your spa.

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