5 Tips for the Best Party Legs!

Don't use a shaving foam to shave your legs

All mainstream formulations are full of drying toxic ingredients such as Sodium Lauyrl Sulphate - also used in engine degreaser and floor cleaner. Instead, give your legs some luxury certified organic Pinks Boutique treatment and use either our Rose Clay and Rosehip Mask or Deep Cleanse Melt as your shaving cream.Pinks Boutique Deep Cleanse Melt
Once you have dried your legs, cover them in Rose Face and Body Balm.

You can apply the Balm immediately with absolutely none of the irritation or burning that you would expect with most moisturisers. A good time to ask yourself what is actually in them to cause the irritation!
Pinks Boutique Rose Face and Body Balm
Regularly use our Lemongrass Sugar Body Scrub

on your legs to shed dead skin cells and to reveal the new cells which you can then smooth and hydrate with your favourite Pinks Boutique moisturiserPinks Boutique Sugar Body Scrub

Don't forget your heels

Start applying Pinks Boutique Foot Balm to reduce hard skin and prevent cracking.Pinks Boutique Foot Balm
Buy a new skirt/dress and away you go…
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