What Christmas foods you should stay away from this year?


 The top 3…. 

There’s nothing better than Christmas food, right? We look forward to the Christmas celebrations all year round, for that moment when everybody is sat at the table to devour the delicious meal we usually only get to eat once a year and whilst enjoying the good company of family and friends.

We live in a country full of traditions and some foods and drinks are certain to make an appearance on the table. As you catch up with family and have those funny conversations with your loved ones it is completely normal to lose track of what you’re eating and how much of it you put on your plate.

Nobody would be crazy enough to ask or advise you to diet over the holiday because… come on now… the holidays are a sacred time when you should be able to put the worries about the extra pounds aside and only stress about Christmas shopping.

Clearly, I am always more motivated by the skin than waistline so I wanted to share some of the foods you should stay away from this December simply because they’re not good for your health and.. for your skin. You’ll find that all of them are extremely ageing.



I had to start the list with one of the most traditional drinks of the season.

When you go through the recipe to make eggnog you notice that it takes a lot of sugar, bourbon and whipping cream. We have discussed to exhaustion the harm sugar can cause to your skin, you can read all about it here or watch a video here.

Besides having 343 calories in one cup, the amount of sugar you’d need to use to make one drink will be enough to break the collagen cells on your skin (which causes premature ageing).



Don’t let the name fool you. Even though it’s true there is fruit in it, the amount of butter, sugar and corn syrup the recipe requires will also speed the premature ageing process up. And keep in mind that one slice of fruitcake has over 410 calories and 13 grams of fat.



Cranberry is an amazing source of vitamins E, K and C but when you make cranberry sauce everything is lost. There are 105 grams of sugar PER SERVING (and we have established how damaging sugar is for the skin, right?) and it can add 400 calories to your meal. Let’s not eat the sauce, it doesn’t really make that much difference to the final awesome taste of Christmas dinner.

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