Sugar is ageing your skin

Sugar is the number one enemy to those who are trying to drop a few pounds. Dieters run so fast from sugar we can see the white powder going puff. But besides causing drastic weight gain, do you know how else sugar damages your body?

It AGES your skin. 

Yep! I Kid you not.

Before saying I’m going nuts, hear me out.

 When you consume foods high in sugar or carbohydrates (or anything that turns into “sugar” in your body basically), your body breaks them down into glucose causing an insulin spike. As a side effect of the insulin spike you get a burst of internal inflammation in your body. The burst of inflammation creates an insulin roller coaster that goes up and down aggravating the inflammation.

 Now, when the inflammation is out of control it produces an enzyme that directly attacks collagen and elastin which are… you guessed it… what keep your skin firm and strong and wrinkles free.

 If you are on an anti-ageing skincare regime already, you might definitely want to consider some diet changes alongside just relying on amazing skincare! I know that might sound odd from a skincare company but Pinks Boutique is built on the concept of Nothing But The Truth and that you are what you eat and absorb.

Solving all skincare concerns is an internal and external game. I hugely advise you to go and buy Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart for any skin concerns you have and how you can support these with diet here. Take a look at the before and after photos of my July 2018 month free of sugar. That after photo has made me carry on, my skin is definitely improving. Please don’t shy away from how much of what you don’t like when you look in the mirror might be related to what is going in your mouth!!!!

Watch the video below for more information: 

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