White Resin Manicure Bowl

Bowls and Spoons
£ 65.00 GBP

Pinks Boutique has launched a new clean line of hand made white resin manicure bowl help your treatments really stand out. The range is designed to complement the on trend fashion for clean crisp spa design and nordic skandi design influences. The pedicure bowl and smaller bowls for soaks, scrubs and oils are made from resin, hand made and bespoke designed for spa use with handles for the therapist to carry the pedicure bowl and a base wide enough for male clients also. The pedicure bowl has a unique pearl glimmer which combined with water causes a beautiful shine and amplification of any fruits, flowers or foliage added into the bowl.

Please don’t judge this bowl like a normal plastic bowl that gets poured in a mold and is perfection plastic. These are literally handmade and so as such it is impossible not to get little tiny imperfections. This should not be anything a client would ever notice when their feet were in it or anything that impacts its structural integrity to hold water. Obviously, they should never have cracks!

When you invest in these beautiful bowls though you need to expect to see potential tiny marks made by the craftspeople or that might occur when they air dry. We do this to ensure no unnecessary chemicals are added to do this but it can mean a passing fleck of dust touches the bowl. Each one takes at least 6 weeks to make hence why the supply of them is not huge. We will not refund any bowls based on these types of imperfections so please know that before you purchase yours. We hope you and your clients love it as much as we do! x

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