Hydration Organic Daily Skincare Routine Mini Set

Skin Types: Normal & Dehydrated Skins


For those who want glowing, hydrated skin that is comfortable to be in

This 5 - step Pinks Boutique mini set is all you need to discover a new daily routine for nourished, smoother, more radiant skin.

5 steps for your morning and evening routine with our award-winning Hydrate Deep Cleanse Melt, Ocha Toner and daytime Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser. Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Treatment Oil and Bamboo & Oatmeal Polish complete the collection.

Our Mini Set boxes are made from fully recyclable cardboard that can be popped into the recycling bin or reused. Refillable mini pots, perfect for travel, that can be cleaned and refilled easily. Our pots are widely recycled and avoid us using single use non-biodegradable inconvenient sachets that never provide enough product to test. As well as discovering your new skincare routine the mini sets are convenient travel sizes ideal for a weekend away or as gifts for loved ones.


Hydrating Deep Cleanse Melt 5g

A calming and hydrating luxurious daily cleansing balm. Calendula, extract of marigold, immediately calms angry, irritated, flaky and dehydrated skins. The ultimate facial cleanser.

Ocha Organic Toner 10ml

Antioxidant Japanese tea and soothing lavender extract work harmoniously to refresh, hydrate and nourish the skin.

Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser 5g

Blended with Rosehip oil, green tea and aloe vera this superb moisturiser absorbs quickly and provides all day long hydration for your skin

Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Organic Treatment Oil 5ml

Hydrating, regenerative Facial Oil to quench dehydrated thirsty skin. Anti-Oxidant Green Tea and the elite natural VITAMIN E with soothing lavender & rose geranium extract. Rejuvanate skin, helping to restored moisture and elasticity and protect from environmental stress.

Bamboo & Oatmeal Facial Polish 5g

Brightening facial polish. Helps maintains clear pores, exfoliates and softens the skin leaving it feeling fresh and clear.


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How to use


STEP 1: Evening Cleanse - Use our hero HYDRATE DEEP CLEANSE MELT to remove all make up, including eye make-up. Formulated with a nourishing blend of organic oils and butters to break through SPF and make up at speed. It deeply cleanses your skin without stripping the vital natural layer of moisture. Massage and work the balm all over your face for 2 minutes, every evening, to bring oxygenated blood to your skin. This improves cell regeneration and leaves your skin looking smoother. Remove with warm water and an organic muslin cloth or flannel. Professional facialists always recommend two cleanses, so the ideal is to repeat the process again with the same balm cleanser or our Ocha Cleanser to truly ensure an amazing cleanse. You can reuse the same cloth. Watch Kirstie demonstrate how to double cleanse LINK

STEP 2: Toner - After cleansing, tone with OCHA TONER - our drink for the skin. Don’t miss this stage out! Pinks Boutique Toners are formulated to soothe, hydrate and balance the skin, but also to prevent moisture loss from your skin. Our toner is a crucial part of your nourishing regime. In the evening use it on cotton pads.

STEP 3: Eye Cream - Dot a small amount around the orbital socket/eye using your ring finger as this finger is typically gentler! Be delicate. Apply every night without fail. Make sure you apply your eye cream and then your serum or moisturiser and not vice versa. The eye cream should be the first thing to contact with the eye area. Currently due to COVID-19 we are out of stock of our Eye Cream. Before we made this, our spas would use our facial treatment oils around the eyes, so you can use the Hydrating Organic Treatment oil to do this.

STEP 4: Facial Oil - Hydrating Antioxidant Treatment Facial oil- a very flexible product. You can mix this into your Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser if you feel you need it to be richer or if your skin is drier. You can apply it instead of your moisturiser as an evening facial oil. You can use it simply to dab onto fine lines, dry patches or irritation. Alternatively, you can apply it all over your face, use 3 - 4 drops and then apply your moisturiser on top for a real skin quench.

STEP 5: Moisturiser -Apply a green pea size of your Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser. Remember you can always add more. Smooth in an upwards direction over the face, neck and chest.


Exfoliate - We recommend a gentle exfoliation twice a week with our BAMBOO & OATMEAL FACIAL POLISH. A nourishing natural exfoliator using eco bamboo grains and milled oats. Do this after cleansing and before toning. Gently, use circular motions all over your face, be lighter over any areas of redness or broken capillaries. Rinse off with tepid clean flowing water.

Mask – once per week. Rose Clay & Rosehip Mask. Apply all over the face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes, remove with clean, wet cloth/ flannel. Apply after cleansing and before toning. Please note you can purchase a mini mask to try if you wish, it is not contained in this box.


STEP 1: Quick Cleanse. Use Hydrate Deep Cleanse Melt (we also advise trying our cream Ocha Cleanser for the morning.) Take a lentil size grain of cleanser and massage onto face with water for a creamy face wash. Remove any overnight sweat and dribble, you can use less cleanser as you won’t be too dirty! Rinse off with tepid running water.

STEP 2: Toner. Spray Ocha Organic Toner all over your face. In the evening use on a cotton pad, in the morning just spritz all over the skin after cleansing.

STEP 3: Eye Cream. Dot a small amount of around the orbital socket/eye using your ring finger as this is a gentler finger! Be delicate.

STEP 4: Moisturise. Apply Ocha & Rosehip Moisturiser all over your face and neck. If you are feeling dry you can apply our Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Treatment oil to dry patches and fine lines or mix some into your moisturiser.

STEP 5: Sunscreen. Facial SPF 50 every day to prevent pigmentation, ageing and sun damage. Pinks Boutique doesn’t make an SPF yet, but we can always help advise ones to try. We all tend to use physical, mineral sunscreens as opposed to chemical sunscreens that you can find in a beauty store.

KEY TIP: All the Pinks Boutique products are concentrated, particularly the moisturiser so you need to use 1/2 - 1/4 of what you are used to. Remember, overall when you use real Organic ingredients everything is very potent and concentrated so use PEA and RICE grain sizes. Go easy or else you will have too much product. This is especially the case when you change from mainstream ingredients and skincare. As your skin detoxes from the synthetics you may have been using in regular skincare, it will soon become familiar with the new ingredients. This is where you can increase the rice grain size application, but it should never be more than a 1g usage.
More Infomation
Refillable mini pots, perfect for travel, that can be refilled easily. Pots are widely recycled and avoid us using single use non-biodegradable inconvenient sachets.

Usage per product type will vary. For instance, the oils and balms are mega concentrated and you will get approx. 10 applications of Hydrating Oil where as you would get 5- 6 from the cleanse melt.

When you start a new range, you should be taking one bottle at a time and using it for 3- 5 days at least before you add in a new one to check which bottles are working for you and not working.
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