Pinks Training Academy FAQ


Why should I choose Pinks Training Academy?

Our training courses have been carefully and expertly crafted by Sughra and Kirstie. Between them, they have decades of experience in the health, beauty and wellness field working as a therapists, trainers, consultants both in the UK and internationally and independent business owners. They have made a commitment to equip you with the fundamental skills needed to work as a professional therapist and they utilise everything they have learnt over the years and share it with you. This includes therapy skills, business acumen, customer care and mentorship.

Where does training take place?

Training takes place at our lovely countryside venue in Melbourne, South Derbyshire, DE73 8BR. It’s a cosy place and is comfortable for up to 10 students.

Can I practise professionally when I complete my course?

You can gain insurance and practise professionally following each of our courses. We recommend Balens or Westminster Insurance but if you wish to stay with your current provider, please check with them before signing up for any of our courses. All of our courses are accredited by The Complimentary Medical Association.

Do the courses provide CPD points?

Each course is allocated a set amount of CPD points, and you will find this on the course information page

What time does training start and finish?

Training generally starts by 9am and finishes by 5.30pm at the latest.

What do I need to bring with me?

We normally ask you to bring writing materials and anything to cater for special dietary requirements.

Do I need to bring food?

We will provide your main lunch each day. However, we always appreciate any snacks, fruit or cake that you would like to share with the group. Our lunch is always vegetarian, simple, nutritious and tasty.

What should I wear?

Be comfortable. Wear something that’s easy to take off and put back on as you’ll be practising on one another. Also, something that you don’t mind getting a little oil on. If you prefer, you can bring your training clothes with you and change into them.

ALWAYS bring some slippers or warm socks as we don’t wear shoes in the training room. 😊

I’m a little anxious about attending training

It’s normal to feel a little anxious about going to a new place and meeting new people. We understand and rest assured that many students feel the same. We are just an email or phone call away if you have any other worries.

What happens if I’ve booked, and I can’t make it?

Let us know as soon as you can. Have a read of the terms and conditions here.

How is the time divided between theory and practical?

Most of the in-person days focus on practical. If there is a lot of theory to cover, we send some of it to you in advance via email. In person, we like to make the most of the opportunity for you to be hands-on

Is there any on-going support once I’ve completed the course?

You can reach out via email anytime and we also have a Facebook group where you can post questions.

When will I receive my certificate?

If case studies are required, you will receive your certificate within a month of submitting them. Where no case studies are required, you will receive your certificate at the end of the course, as long as you have met all the requirements.

Do you offer in-house training at our salon/spa?

All of our training happens at our purpose built venue in Melbourne. All of our years teaching on site in spas for both our own and other brands has always proved to us it doesn't work as well as it should.


- Therapists get pulled out of training to do treatments, this is such a negative message for them about how much we value them being up-skilled.
- Usually training is in the spa dual treatment room and so many times ( actually can't tell you how many!) half way through the day the spa manager appears, tells you there is a mistake happened and they need the room back in 10 minutes. You then loose 2 hours of training time.
- Spa rooms are beautiful for treatments but the low level light, lack of windows and fresh air make it very difficult to concentrate hard for 8 hrs. Often the space isn't big enough, with enough beds.
- In our training barn we can completely immerse the therapists so they have a great experience and learn as much as they can.

If you have any other questions, please email us at