Top 5 Skin Tips

Hands off

Areas of congestion and blockage on problem skins generally match where their owners place their mucky paws. Do you sit with your hands resting on your jaw line? Do you touch or rub your face a lot? Not only will touching worsen problem skins, it will also drag and damage dryer skins.

Dry your face with a clean tissue

Your bath towel has probably not been washed in a few days, so stop using it to dry your face. Use a fresh clean tissue after each and every cleanse and shower.

Facial Routines

Make sure you have a morning and evening facial routine. Make the time for your skin and enjoy your routine. It is not cool to skip it because you are tired or a little worse for ware! Just like most things; only true dedication really reaps rewards.

No Face Wipes

I know they are quick and easy but they will only dry and cause your skin to age while bringing no real benefits.

Use Organic Skincare

Suggesting to use Organic Skincare may not come as a surprise, however, there really is logic and science behind the products. If you haven't tried any Pinks Boutique Luxury Organic Skincare yet then please do and feel the noticeable difference within the first few weeks.


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