Skin Truth No.2 - Face wipes are not your friend!

So, this is how it went… late night, upstairs, so tired, standing at the sink is just not on your to do list and so you reach for the face wipes….

I understand they seem easy, I understand they are convenient.

The wipe turns black from mascara with a hint if lipstick and blusher so you feel content you are clean BUT…

Your skin will not be thanking you. You are kidding yourself if you think it is all off…..

The next key skin truth you need to know is that you get out what you put in. If you don’t want to dedicate any time and effort to your face this will absolutely show as you get older.

If you don’t want to look like a flaky skin crocodile then you need to put some time.

That doesn’t mean tonnes of money necessarily, remember our first skin truth is aiming to always avoid wasting money on products putting them on to skin which hasn’t done step one properly #organicdoublecleanse

I want to just run a few things by you to help you understand why face wipes are not your friend.

1. They leave residue on your skin - this is not the prime elite ingredients you would like sitting on your skin. They have a barrage of heavy preservatives such as parabens, MI, triclosan, alcohol, ethanols. This is as they are moist cloths sitting on top of each other, wrapped in plastic in a warm shop environment, literally a breeding ground for bacteria. You do not want this sitting on your skin, they will be drying and risk irritation.

2. They don’t really clean - without the ingredients/ oils/ plant bases you would have in cream and balm cleansers and without water you don’t ever get your skin completely clean. They drag makeup from one side of your face to another. Always leaving make up on the skin will potentially lead to spots and blackheads, uneven skin.

3. Drying - see above. Not good on ageing skins but also not good on oily skins. If you over dry an oily skin at cleansing point your sebaceous glands just product more oil as you have stripped off your acid mantle balance.

4. Dragging the delicate eye area - you have to rub too hard to get the make up off with them and it drags your eye area too much, this will lead to sagging dry irritation.

5. Terrible for the environment - Create more waste, people flush them down the toilet and there is a huge increase in the amount washing up on beaches. Most face wipes and nappy wipes are not biodegradable. Where do they end up?

5 strong reasons and why when you mention them to most beauty therapists they get a strange uncomfortable look on their face!!...

Convenience should not be your major motivation if you want to have amazing skin. It will always be nice if it occurs, for instance we have made all our balm and milk cleansers at Pinks Boutique remove eye make up too. Conveniently removing the need for eye make up remover.

If we can dual action a product we will, our Rose Face and Body Balm is the most sensational multi tasker. If is a pm night balm treatment, can go all over your body too, it is good on stings and itchy skin, I have even been known to shave with it in a hair removal emergency!!! However, they were not formulated to only exist to make life quick and convenient, that is just a happy by product of how fabulous they are.

For those of you who have daughters or friends you who know are using face wipes please share this blog with them on about ‘crocodile skin avoidance’!

Love Kirstie x

Your Skin Truth Fairy

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Posted by Angie - WhippedGreenGirl on

AHAHAHA I remember my days of crocodile skin, when I used wipes as a young girl – NEVER AGAIN! Loved this this share, great read :) PINNING IT NOW!

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