Facial Waxing Tips - how to look after your skin after waxing

You may have noticed there is a tendency for little white pustules ( white heads) to occur after facial waxing and threading and I believe a good deal of this is related to the after waxing products you or your salon puts on the skin straight after waxing.  Nearly every after wax lotion ingredient list I have ever seen has Aqua, Paraffinum liquidum, propylene glycol in it.

After wax products ingredients- the nasties.


All the brands who make waxing products from super cheap to super expensive tend to use cheap pore clogging Paraffinum. A petroleum derivative base which in effect wrap your skin in cling-film, blocking the pores and causing the spots. More worryingly you have a petroleum based product with direct access through the hair follicles to your bloodstream. You really need to think about what post after wax lotion or oil you use.

Pinks Boutique After Wax Calming Lotion

The Pinks Boutique, Soil Association Certified-Organic, After Wax Calming Lotion cannot have an ingredient list like the normal products that have a derivative of Petroleum in them. I would suggest buying our 100ml handbag size Organic After Wax Calming Lotion and taking it with you and asking your therapist to use it instead. I have done this many times and most therapists don’t seem to be bothered, infact most of them adore the aroma and fall in love with it!

Pinks Boutique Flower Water

Another good alternative is a pure flower water such as our calming Rose Geranium Hydrating Flower Water - beautiful on cotton pads and chilled in a fridge. Great for taking down the erythema- the redness you get after waxing where the blood rushes to the surface to close the follicles. When you get home keep putting rose water pads on the area till it is soothed and then I would use this as you toner for the first couple of days also whilst the skin on your face repairs itself. If you do suffer with those annoying little spots this is a great option to try.

After Waxing Care

Remember when you or your therapist waxes you the top layer of your skin is pulled off too, you really need to take some care for the few days after- even when the redness is gone. Everyone uses this as the marker and thinks their skin is fixed but you should keep putting the After Wax Calming lotion on for at least 4- 5 days after waxing. This is a beautiful moisturiser so feel free to use it on the rest of your body too- the lavender, calendula and aloe vera are perfect for calming skin, hydrating and using after sunbathing to cool and provide moisture.

Threading- the anti age way forward

Something has always bothered me about facial waxing and I wanted to share the thought with you. As a therapist with a busy column you jump from a wax, to a facial and back to a wax. In facial land the major concern for most is anti- ageing and the super delicate eye area is always the most frequently lined area. Waxing your brows or anywhere on your face is really not ideal to prevent ageing. Waxing really pulls and lifts the skin, something you would never want to repeatedly do if you were trying to keep your eye area smooth, firm and taut. It also removes layers and layers of skin cells each time interrupting your normal skin cell renewal cycle. If you don’t want overhanging eye lids on your list of worries in the future you might want to find a more skin supportive method. Threading is the answer in my opinion and as a bonus you get an awesome shape too!

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Posted by Derek Dewitt on

My wife is thinking about visiting a spa and getting a facial soon, but she isn’t sure what to expect. I like your point about how you might need to put lotion on your face for 4-5 days after a waxing. I’ll be sure to tell her this just in case she decides to get her face waxed as well.

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