ūüõÄ Create the Perfect 'Spa at Home' Experience

Our products are used in spas all over the world. We're professional therapists, too. So as well as providing the most inspiring, complete, and only organic spa range on the market, we want to share some of our knowledge with you. So today, we're going to help you create the perfect Organic Rose Bath experience at home!

Simply follow these steps:



Run hot water into the bath and add:

  • 2 heaped teaspoons of Rose Crystal Bath Soak (need 3 but save one)
  • Pinks Boutique dried rose buds in water. To make life simple we sell bags of these but you could also use fresh petals from the florist!
  • Add a¬† drizzle of Pinks Boutique Rose Jojoba oil to the water. If you have a bottle then add one pump, if you have the Try Me Rose oil sample, add one capful.
  • Put your dressing gown in the bathroom, folded bath towel and slippers¬†
  • Make yourself some spa herbal tea and put this on the side of the bath. You could go for something stronger and more fizzy but I can‚Äôt advise that as alcohol is bad for your skin !!!!
  • Place a small pile of dried rose petals so once you are in the water you can add more to the bath and enjoy the theatre
  • Buy yourself our Try Me pot of Rose Clay Mask (dry/dehydrated) or Green Clay Mask (normal to oily). This will be enough for a full face mask for 2 people, you only need a thin coat. Leave this at the side of the bath. Also- a Try Me pot of Rosehip Face and Body Scrub. You are ready!!
  • Light your Pinks Boutique Soya Wax candle.


  • Immerse yourself in the water, don‚Äôt drown!!
  • Sprinkle in the 3rd spoonful of Rose Crystal Bath Soak
  • Take 10 very long deep breaths to ensure all the exquisite rose blends go into your olfactory system.
  • Take the time to use Rosehip scrub and massage this all over your face for 2- 3 minutes before removing with an organic mitt or flannel
  • For the real spa at home apply your face mask and leave this for 10 minutes then remove with a flannel- put clean water on this not dirty bath water!
  • You could use a Pinks Boutique body scrub in the bath.
  • Ideally you want to stay in the bath for at least 15 minutes to give your body time to absorb the rich minerals and healing element of the Himaylan mineral salts, dead sea salts and epsom salts.
  • When you are cooked¬†get out and our perfect end would be to apply Rose Jojoba oil or our Rose face and body balm to slightly damp skin. This is a wonderful soothing moisturiser immediately after shaving, with no irritation to the skin.

Our Relax Body Range- This organic system uses exquisite Rose oils- Rose Centifolia, Rose Geranium, Palma rosa and ylang ylang to soothe and relax.

Excellent for:

  • Skin repairing and soothing
  • In need of relaxation/calming - both mind and skin and promoting sleep
  • All skin types- especially Dry, mature skin sensitive Skin

This Valentine's, treat yourself or a loved one to some of your favourite products (or gift vouchers) - if you spend £25 or more you'll receive a Rose Crystal Bath Soak worth £15!

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