Workout Skincare

Why if you workout you need a specific skin routine . Calling a gym 🐰bunnies...

1) Everyone should ideally have one, whatever they are doing!
2)🏋️‍If you train, do classes and indoor active stuff then you are most likely sweating and putting your head on yoga mats, having hair touch your face etc so you are at risk of congestion.
3)⛹️‍♂️If you run a lot you are at risk of continual impact essentially convincing your face to sag.
4)💨If your active elements are outside you are massively exposed to cold, sun, wind, rain and UV.
5)💦You probably shower more than your less active friends so you are exposed to more products and risk being dryer from all the continual water and washing.

Whether you are committed to an active life or starting the new year detox and resolutions to train these are suggestions for making sure your skin doesn’t get damaged along the way.


Get up, don’t bother washing/cleansing but do put on the protective layers. Put on FACIAL OIL , thin layer of MOISTURISER and if in a hot country- SUNSCREEN. Get home and do your full AM facial routine.


Get up, don’t cleanse and wash, put a thin layer of moisturiser on. Train and then do your full AM skincare routine afterwards in the showers.


👄You will hate me but best thing to do is to take your make up off, apply a thin layer of moisturiser then train and sweat. When finished do a full cleanse, tone and moisturisers and put make up back on if you have to.

If you can go home and avoid putting the make-up back on that will be the best thing for your skin. Definitely do this for EVENING WORKOUTS.

🔥SAUNAS- if you are going in saunas and steam rooms before you hit the shower make sure you have a beautiful plant oil based facial oil on to get the benefits for your skin.
🏊🏼‍♀️SWIMMING – don’t swim with make up on whatever time of day so take that off. Skin doesn’t love chlorine, nor does your hair. Make sure you have a protective layer on- FACIAL OILS work well or BALM MOISTURISER, you can put oil in your hair too, something like coconut oil.  You want a barrier to stop the pool chemicals. Get out, shower and do your full facial routine.

TRAINING AND EXFOLIATION. Make sure you are exfoliating once or twice a week.

RISKS TO THINK ABOUT (clearly these are less than never exercising and being overall unhealthy!!)

 a) Leaving all the sweat on you, going home, picking your kids up and it being 6 hrs later that your skin gets cleansed. Risks spots and blackheads.

b) Cheeks being overexposed to wind, sun, all the elements and getting red, damaged, broken capillaries.

c) Dryness caused by chlorine exposure.

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