Why Is Hot Cloth All The Rage?

The time when skincare and makeup removing was only washing your face with hand soap and apply the same moisturizer used on the body is thankfully long gone.

Women nowadays have a long list of products used before they go to bed in order to clean their skin and prevent ageing signs. The new trending step in skincare is hot cloth and we’re all for it!

Liz Earle coined it with her cleanser but it is essentially using a cloth with warm water and then ideally the best cleanser to go with it that you can. Remember HOT can be a bit misleading, it isn't ideal for your facial skin to be put in super hot water, it risks capillary damage so it should really be a warm tepid cloth cleanse! Not quite so marketable!! The benefits of adding a cloth to the cleansing routine is priceless in the long run and your skin will be grateful. If you’re thinking that the great benefit the cloth will bring is only taking the cleanser off properly you’re dead wrong! It will mildly exfoliate the top dead layer of your skin, allowing facial oils and active ingredients to penetrate your better. It will help remove any leftovers (impurities) impregnated deeper in the skin.

So, what do you think? Is this new trend hot or not?

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