What Suntan lotion should I buy?

It clearly isn’t hard to find tonnes of SPFs to buy but do you know which one is best for you?
The regular sunscreen, usually found in pharmacies, that you would have grown up with are normally CHEMICAL sunscreens. The UVA and UVB protection comes from chemical ingredients in the formulation, brands like Soltan, Ambre Solaria, Piz Buin, P20 are in the chemical family. If you like us care about Organic and ingredient choice then this should not be for you, nor the fish and coral that are effected by the layer of suntan lotion chemicals left in the sea. A key ingredient to avoid and look for is Oxoybenzone.
The best alternative is MINERAL sunscreen. They use Zinc Oxide and/ or Titanium Dioxide, they are excellent at scattering and reflecting UV rays and sitting on the skin as a physical block. When used properly, these mineral ingredients are the key to safe and effective sun protection when needed. Downsides are they tend to be quite white and sometimes much more difficult to rub in but brands are daily improving these. There is also debate about the Nano particle size of the oxides but for us these are still a better option than the inci lists on the chemical sunscreen family.
Quick Anti age tip… crucial to remember. UVB is what burns you and obviously causes you sun damage. UVA rays cause ageing to the skin and these are present ALL THE TIME- not just when it is sunny. From as young as possible it is crucial you wear sunscreen on your face everyday to avoid premature ageing and skin pigmentation. Get to it. There is no dermatologist or skin expert in the world who won’t tell you our awesome life fuelled sun is the biggest damage factor on your skin.
Mineral sunscreen brands to try:
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