Why Organic is Important In Pregnancy?


Pinks Boutique organic ingredients are selected for their purity with vastly higher amounts of vitamins, anti-oxidants and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids to fight against ageing free radicals and build healthy skin cells reducing ageing and stretch marks. A really good example of this is oil. The massage oils we use in our celebrated spas during pregnancy treatments contain certifed organic jojoba, apricot, avocado, rosehip, carrot and sun ower oil to name a few.

Our mums to be usually take these home as their bump oil. Have you ever thought about how beauty products are produced? The refining process for food and cosmetic ingredients to get the maximum yield from an oil is to use caustic soda or hexane to bleach the seed oil. It is then ‘washed’ with fullers earth or something worse to remove fragrance and then lastly, the oil is steam distilled to remove all traces of colour and natural fragrance. The seed oils are heated to temperatures of up to 180 degrees destroying all the nutritional goodness for your skin and body. What would happen if you boiled carrots and broccoli to 180 degrees in your kitchen? You would end up with a useless vitamin lacking mush.


• Cheaper process than cold pressing - also delivers a higher yield.

• When you cold press an oil it can be darker or a more unstable colour, it can have an odour and pulp often remains in the oil bottle.

Pinks Boutique uses cold pressed oils, where available, so they retain their anti-oxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids which are crucial to delivering long lasting results to your skin and keeping it supple. Skincare should be thought of like food and producing it like cookery.

The best results come from small batches, frequently made with fresh, organic grown ingredients. The production should be considered too - what heat levels are added, does a human stir and control it or a giant run of machinery. In our world, it is always the human, in fact a lovely bunch of local school mummies who help blend and pour the products.

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