The Power of Touch

Have you ever thought that the power to a relaxing and pleasing massage could be in your own hands?

A lot of women have to juggle work, house errands and family and hardly have time for themselves. Even though it's not uncomonon for them to have a small skincare routine which usually consists of applying one product that promises to do it all, they don't know that the power they have on their fingers is greater than anything else.

Last month, we have explained why one product couldn't possibly have everything the skin needs to remain youthful, hydrated, balanced and calm (you can watch the video by clicking here), and today we will explain how face massages will help you in every aspect mentioned before, as well as leaving you relaxed and calm.

As you massage your face, the movements will increase circulation and bring oxygen to that area. The extra oxygen will act as anti-aging in itself. You will also relieve the tension on your muscles, which when tensed up cause wrinkles.

Find below 4 face massages that combined with Pinks Boutique Facial Oils, will maximaze the relaxing and rejuvenating process:



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