The 12 Lockdown Beauty Wins That You Need

Trying to find the silver lining in lockdown 2.0… how can this have a positive impact on your beauty regime and body health? Here are some of our quick and easy #LockdownBeautyWins that you need, to get the most out of lockdown 2.0.

1. Brush your teeth every day, after lunch too

Your dentist always wanted you to and now you can. You are only 10 steps from your bathroom after all.  Brush them after every meal in fact. A self-isolation dental hygiene win!

2. There is time now to wash your make-up brushes

It’s time to finally give your make-up brushes some well-deserved TLC. You should be cleaning your brushes once a week, but when our lives are super hectic, who are we kidding?! This isn’t possible! Wet your brush with water and apply a drop of organic liquid soap to the palm of your hands, rubbing the brush in circular motions into your palm. Voila… Clean make-up brushes!  

3. Floss - habit build while in isolation

Why not build the habit now while you have the time, an extra 2 minutes added to your bathroom routine can massively improve your gum health.

4. Change your pillowcases twice a week

Especially if you have problem skin, this is something we have always recommended but when you are busy it often doesn’t happen. Make sure you change them 1 or 2 a week – think about the amount of dirt, dribble and bacteria that can build up in the fabric!

5. Take a thermal hair break

Embrace your natural hair and give it a break from the heat. You might not get another chance to not have to worry about styling your hair! Take this opportunity not to dry your hair out and ply it with beautiful plant oils and conditioner.

6. Bathroom cupboard declutter

Take this opportunity. Sort through your make-up bag and bathroom cupboard and say goodbye to any products that have gone out of date. Make sure to check the shelf life of the product on the back – if you have had it for longer than it says – recycle and dispose or it! It just gives you an excuse to try out new products.

7. Double cleanse - Build the habit

You know we love a double cleanse and shout about it all the time but try and use this period at home to build different routines at the sink. It’s important to enjoy the products you are using, and it gives you an excuse to give yourself a massage.

8. Include your neck and behind your ears

Take your top off to do your evening double cleanse and make sure you go down to your boobs including all your chest and neck. Big upwards lifting motions on your neck. When you cleanse or do a weekly exfoliation include behind your ears as this area gets grimy!

9. Bathroom towel cuticle push back

New move to add into your drying routine post shower🧖 . Wrap one of your fingers in your bath towel and use it to push back your cuticles on your fingers 🖐 and your toes. It is really effective and there is no risk of cuticle nipper cuts or tears. New habit to build in for lockdown and beyond, your manicurist will thank you too when you can get back in the salon!

10. Naked nail detox time

This is enforced (granted not welcomed by most) gel and acrylic detox, we would suggest adding varnish to the list. Just use it as time to keep your nail plates naked and plough in the moisture. Your nails are keratin based like your hair and skin but you never moisturise them. Use this time to do so, repeatedly apply a high-quality cuticle oil like our carrot, fennel, frankincense and rosehip blend.

11. Take a break from your contacts

Use this time in self-isolation to give your eyes a break from your contact lenses. Despite all the marketing, all opticians say that your eyes are happier in glasses. Your contact lenses cause them to dry out and risk infections. While nobody can see you, take this chance to naturally moisturise your eyes and you never know, you could fall in love with your glasses all over again!

12. Mindset for 31 days 

It takes 31 days to develop a habit apparently. Almost the perfect lockdown month (being positive there is no extension!) Practice each morning writing down 3 things you are grateful for and your 3 intents for the day. More than ever it is a time to build focus and purpose.

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