The Benefits of Organic Cuticle Oils

Brittle, peeling and flaking nails are the most common problems faced by women all over the world. We receive daily requests to explain how to deal, and even possibly get rid of these problems, so we are going to tell everything you need to know about nail care.

Let’s go.

Your nails have the same structure as you skin and hair (keratin) so they require the same moisture and care. It is important to moisturise your cuticles and nails at least once a day to strengthen them and make them grow faster.

Our Organic Cuticle Oils is the answer all natural problems your nails face. The ingredients will help soften your cuticles that will consequently loosen from the nail plate to stop it growing forward.

By massaging the oil in you will bring extra blood to your fingertips, which will help with your nail growth. You can use the Organic Cuticle Oils on your fingers and toes, at least once a day and there is no limit to how often your can apply it.

Lastly, our oils give a great finish to a manicure so you can use it to seal the vanish. Safe to use over gel nail polish too.

Remember most cuticle oils are cheap almond oil and petroleum oil mixes, you want to avoid these if you really want results in your fingers.

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