Our 360 degree (internal and external) approach to solving oily problem skin.

We really hope this 360-degree view looking at solving oily problem skin with diet, life tips and skin advice, based on all our pro knowledge, helps. We totally understand of all the skin types how emotionally traumatizing spots and acne can be. If it helps to make a difference please let us know. Please share it with anyone in your life who needs some support with oily, spotty problem skin. Remember, if you really,  really want to change your skin it is going to take some commitment and effort. Here goes…… 


Oily skin has to be dealt with from the inside out more than any other skin type. We have talked a lot about how skincare starts with your diet on social media. Those of you who follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter learned throughout this month that sugar is amazing when used on the outer part of the body as an exfoliator but once put inside it can damage the skin and accelerate the ageing process.

For people with oily skin, it’s even worse. It causes internal inflammation and worsens spots and acne. For a congested skin, we suggest treating it internally with the zinc found in chia seeds, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa. All these natural ingredients can help regulate oil production as does vitamin A in kale, beet greens and carrots.

A killer tip to improve your oily skin is changing your diet, eating natural food is key to a good looking and healthy skin so avoid eating white things (such as pasta, flour, sugar, etc) and seek out the lifefuelled green growing ingredients.

Extend the white diet warning to dairy (except for eggs). There is an abundance of hormone IGF-1 in milk, plus it causes insulin levels to spike. Both seem to worsen skin inflammation and spots. Dairy boosts male sex hormones androgen and testosterone levels and makes skin prone to be oilier. This applies to cheese, yogurt, ice cream too. Milk or lactose allergy is different but often represents in skin rash or acne.

 Another diet tip: RUN FROM FATTY FOOD. RUN!!! Remember sugar is everywhere! It is in the obvious things like chocolate, sweets, cakes, fizzy drinks but also juices, ketchup, most pre-made meals, sauces.

Bad news for most of us who enjoy that G&T, beer or prosecco. Alcohol is not good, it increases body temperature and inflames skin potentially worsening your skin issues. It has to go or be really limited.

When choosing the protein opt for white meat (fish and chicken) because they are better for oily skin than red meat. Always aim for organic versions if your wallet will allow.

Alpha Lipoic Acid can help to prevent breakouts, and… good news… you can find it in Spinach and Broccoli, two things that in most shopping bags every week.  Help your skin regulate its own healthy oil function with EPA and DHA Omega fatty acids found in flaxseed oil, walnuts, fish oils, and chia seeds.

Skin supplements and daily fish oils are a must in our opinion as for nearly all skin types including oily. Look at the EPA and DPA totals on the packets nutritional values- you want these to be as high as possible.


Oily skins need to change pillowcase every other day. You smoother your face over it every night, plus add a bit of dribble and who knows what else. Another thing that will help with your face’s oil production is to stop touching your face. I mean it. 

GET YOUR HANDS OFF!!.  Do a self-audit: Do you sit with your hands on your face, have some sort of repeated touching of the face. Often you will find if you rest your face on your hands in the same place while sitting at work etc then you will have more skin congestion and spots in this zone.

Do you spend several hours on your phone every day? Don’t forget to sanitize your phone cover every day so you are not harboring bacteria on here and repeatedly putting it back on your skin.

 Dry your face with tissue not towels, unless it is a brand new clean from the wash towel. Don’t use your week-old bath towel. If you use flannels, muslin cloths or mitts to wash your face these are a one-shot deal. Use them and then put it to be washed so you will need to make sure you ideally have 7 to keep you going through the week.

Where is the worst zone of spots/ blackheads? The zones on your face relate to organs of your body and it may be a real clue to what you need to start doing internally to fix the issue. Have a look at our Chinese face mapping (LINK) Eg, spots around the temples or between your eyebrows are linked to the liver and stomach.  This can represent dehydration or do you need to cut down on the beers to make them go away? Or do you need to keep your mucky paws off that part of your face?


Exfoliation is crucial for oily skins. It’s recommended once or twice a week. Not more. If you overdo it you can change the pH and acid mantle balance on the skin. Your skin cells are shedding daily but if your skin is oily then tend to get stuck on the surface and build up, they can harbor more bacteria on the surface and this can be one of the factors causing pores to block and spots to occur.

You want products that also provide moisture to your skin. We know this seems weird if you are producing too much oil but there is much truth in oil fights oil. If you use harsh products full of alcohol it will strip the oil off, your sebaceous glands register it and you guessed it they just produce more! To help oily skin it is crucial you stop skin inflammation and provide the skin with some moisture to trick it into calming down.

Do not avoid oil just as your skin is oily/ spotty. You need to avoid cheap mineral oil, paraffinium oil as this can worsen spots as they don’t actually help break down your own oil but good natural plant-based oils will help. Look at ingredient lists- this is frequently used in skincare for spots, especially teen skincare.

Definitely use muslin cloths with your cleanser, a clean new one each day so you need to buy at least 7. These are mild exfoliants and will help improve your oily skin without over stripping it.

Lastly,  really, really try and avoid GPs and taking antibiotics for bad spots, you need to commit and we mean really commit to this list first and then if your skin is still not playing nice go to a dermatologist. Ask your GP for a referral and if they won’t then pay to go see one. GPs as a rule just hand out harsh topical ointments and anti-biotics like they are going out of fashion. They influence your whole body, they are horrid for your stomach, make you more likely to get sun damage and just aren’t something you should be taking for all over body health.

We really hope this 360 view and all of pro knowledge help- if it does let us know. Please share it with anyone in your life who needs some support with oily, spotty problem skin.

K x

Products we would combine alongside all these diet and life changes from the Pinks Boutique range. REMEMBER… add one new product at a time (from whatever brand you try.) Don’t use them all as it will be too much for your skin all at once and you can’t track what is working. One step at a time. Take cleansers first, use these for 5- 6 days, alongside all the normal products you already have in your routine. if it is improving add in the toner. Do the same time line and add in a scrub. Repeat time line and add in the moisturizer last.



Deep Cleanse Melt ( First cleanse- removed with Muslin Cloth)

Lemongrass and Mandarin Cleanser  ( Second cleanse- also take off with the cloth)

Lemongrass Toner

Lemongrass and Camellia Moisturiser

Bamboo and Oatmeal Polish ( x 2 a week)

Rebalancing Treatment Oil ( x 1 a week)



Either cleanser - just use with water and rinse off

Spray the Lemongrass Toner on

Very small- rice or lentil size of Lemongrass Moisturiser.

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