Moisturise from inside out - What foods can I eat to stop dry skin?

Why you need to eat your Sprouts to stop dry skin this Christmas.

December is a month when we usually eat more than normal. All the festivities surrounding the holidays and the gathering with family and friends normally tend to lead to 2 things.. increased alcohol and increased food volume!!

People who have natural dry skin all year around suffer the most in months such as December, considering the humidity in the air is low and the cold weather dries out the skin faster. Here are some tips of what types of food you can eat to help your skin moisturise form inside out:



It is common knowledge that eating fish is good for your eyes, but did you know that the Omega 3 and fatty acids found in salmon, tuna and trout are amazing for the skin as well?

They help retain moisture and strengthen the skin barrier, the oilier the fish the better. Ready to have a fish meal this week?



I guess we could consider nuts in general a Christmas food, right? So, technically you’ll be eating according to the season and helping to protect the skin at the same time.  Nuts are rich in vitamin E, which protects the skin from oxidative cell damage and protects the barrier of the skin from external damage.



How do take your avocado? Do you like to eat it savory or sweet?

Even though Avocados are usually eaten in savory recipes in the northern hemisphere some countries in South America like to eat them with sugar. And it’s a breakfast thing. A weird oddity I learnt from Veronica who works in our marketing and is from Brazil.

Whichever way you like to eat this fruit, the important thing is that you eat it frequently. Avocado is rich in monounsaturated fats (responsible for keeping the skin moist), has anti - ageing properties and reduces inflammation.



 Some people love it, some people hate it but considering the long list of benefits this particular legume has on the skin, I’d eat it even if I hated the taste. Sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, this means that it is good to repair dry skin, repair tissue damage and prevent premature ageing. Carrots do a very similar job.



What do oysters, beef and beans have in common to fall in the same food category you might be asking. Simple, they are all rich in zinc. Zinc is crucial to repair the skin by creating collagen. Have I mentioned that they have anti-ageing properties as well?



A  lot of people use olive oil to fry or roast food but can I make a suggestion?

Try and consume more of the natural oil without heating it up as there are studies showing some carcinogenic risks when it is heated.  Use it cold and be generous.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, Omega 3 and monounsaturated fats. Those components protect the skin from UV rays (so prevent premature ageing) and they help with eczema and dryness.



Whoever thought that coconut oil was only good for the hair is wrong. Coconut oil is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory you should always consume.



Now who doesn’t love a good banana? Today I’m going to give you even more excuses to devour bananas away. Banana is rich in vitamins A, B, C and D, potassium, calcium and pantothenic acid which have anti-wrinkle properties and help moisturise the skin.



This my friend is going to be your BFF. And no! Aloe Vera is not only for burns. It’s actually rich in lipids, vitamins A, B, C D, E, B12, choline, zinc, copper, selenium and amino acids and it is an amazing anti oxidant, anti bacterial and it has anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe juice it is.



They deliver you vitamin C, essential for collagen and elastin production which is a massive anti - ageing bonus too.


Makes for an interesting Christmas dinner!!

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