Learn When You Should Use Each of Pinks Boutique Facial Oils

One skincare product does it all, right? WRONG!

A lot of skincare users believe that by using one product will be able to do everything the skin needs to be fresh and young, but the reality is, it can’t. What people don’t take in to consideration, is that the skin’s needs may vary according to your routine.

Just like every day is not the same, you need to evaluate what you did that day, and compensate it with Pinks Boutique’s Facial Oils.


 This Facial Oil should be used when you’ve been exposed to the elements (in the hot sun, which may have given you sunburn or cold winter, harsh wind), bites and patches, irritated area of the body and when you have redness.

If you have hyper sensitive skin, this is the Facial Oil you should try first.

Hydrating Anti-Oxidant 

This Oil will help you skin cope with the days when you haven’t drank enough water, or had way too much coffee or tea, haven’t eaten enough or were out the night before and have had alcohol.

The Hydrating Anti-Oxidant is the best choice at any day when you know the environment has dehydrated your skin (even when you’re in doors with air con, central heating, ect).


This oil will be your best friend on humid days, when it’s too hot, or you’ve been sweating in the gym. When you feel like your skin is too oily and clogged up, it would be a rebalance day.

If you have constant oily skin, this is your go to Facial Oil because it’s got astringent.

How to use them

Before applying any of the facial oils it is important to cleanse your face (double cleanse, ideally), tone, apply a serum and then use the facial oil that best complement your activities that day and finish off with a moisturiser. You can test in the evening applying the facial oils over the top of your moisturiser instead to occlude and trap in the moisture- i.e. water  in your moisturiser! 

The best way to apply the oils is, to warm up 2 to 3 drops of the facial oil on your fingers, pat it on to your face and spread it. Do the same thing for your neck and chest (3 drops should be enough for both) and put the excess  on the back of your hands.

All three facial oils can be used by every skin type. It’s all about using the oil that best adapts with what you did that day (considering the environment, diet, etc…)


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