Have you thought about certified organic period related sanitaries?

For you or your daughter(s) this is genuinely something to think about....

I can remember reading a tampon leaflet when I was a young teen and thinking how weird it was that Toxic Shock Syndrome existed yet we all happily used an items, internally non the less that could potentially caused TSS. Clearly, like everyone else I just started a lifetime of using tampons but way before I found my organic world, almost 15 years before I can remember thinking it was all very odd.

Happily the last few years have seen a real emergence of certified organic tampons, pads and menstrual cups and if you have never ever thought of using anything organic then this is the moment!!!!

Last November when I was part of a speaking panel for Water Aid I met an amazing lady called Celia- also a speaker. She had come back out of retirement after a lifetime in social enterprise to launch Hey Girls, an organic sanitary company bent on ending period poverty in the UK. I fell in love with her and the buy one give one concept. This week we will be collaborating for International Women’s Day but lets deal with the organic side first….

Why should I use organic sanitary products?

- Organic tampons don't contain nasties in the cotton as all mainstream brands do. They are free from CHLORINE and DIOXIN BLEACH. There is some data to show this can lower risk of toxic shock syndrome.

- They tend to be packaged in a more environmentally friendly way. Hey Girls for instance don't have applicators currently due to excessive wastage but they are about to launch a completely biodegradable tube. Next time you use a Tampax tampon just look at genuinely how much packaging is on each one and how many you use a day.. it is like the disposable nappy dilemma.

-Usually regular sanitary pads have a lot of plastic content and added fragrances which can cause allergic reactions and even skin irritation. Ouch.

- Organic pads on the other hand are made with an absorbent cellulose that keep the blood locked in it and keeps you dry. They also have an organic cotton layer that allows the skin to breathe and doesn’t put too much pressure on you.

- Hey Girls also sell reusable sanitary pads to completely eliminate the wastage for the world.

- You can get reusable organic pads, check out and

- Disposable Organic sanitary brands to look at :



NATRACARE ( sell in various stores)


Hey Girls is the only Buy one Give one model on disposables that we have found so I would try those first.

Have you used any others we should all know about? xx

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