Happy New Year


Wooow! How can we deal with so many emotions?

After nearly 10 years on the market working exclusively with spas and salons, we decided to take a big step last January of embarking into the world of social media and layering on almost a whole other business to what we do.

Anyone who has ever opened a new business or extended it to a whole new direction knows how challenging and daunting it can be. The true belief that people need to understand Organic and what is in normal skincare has motivated us to work hard to create free content on youtube and other social media platforms explaining how to be organic, why investing in organic skincare will change your life and always trying to answer everyone who’s messaged us with questions.

Making our years of knowledge available to everyone free of charge has become a priority and we have been breaking taboos exposing the skincare/ beauty industry and their “dirty little secrets” all year round.  

Some of the truths we’ve exposed on this very blog include the dangers of fake tans, we’ve explained why sugar consumption is ageing your skin, why it is so important to focus on organic products when you’re pregnant and so many others.

Your response has been amazing! You’ve watched our videos, commented, shared, liked them always giving us strength and courage to keep doing what we do best: telling the truth and developing amazing products.

Today, we would like to thank you for the bottom of our hearts for standing by us in this incredible journey that was 2018. We hope that you will stay with us in 2019 and share the content with your friends too.

We wish all the best for you and your family on this new year that approaches us in a few hours, and hope that this year you can achieve all your goals and that your dreams come true.



Team Pinks Boutique

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