Bridal/ Special Occasion Makeup Tips

  • Take photos, how does it look on camera?
  • Are you going to go on holiday before the wedding or get fake tan- you need to trial make up on this skin tone! 
  • Type of wedding, indoor, outdoor, if in lots of natural light make up will need to be more subtle
  • You need to consider you 
  • Dress colour
  • Dress fabric, if very shiny satin you don’t want a very shiny pearlised face
  • Wearing a veil? May need stronger colours under this
  • Flower colours –match or go opposites? 
  • Colours of bridesmaids, groom
  • Ensure you remember your nails, these endure lots of close up shots on the big day. Nails could be done the day before 
  • The make up will be under lots of lights and cameras, beware of very pearlised make up and make sure you take a powder compact and has the lipstick colour with you.
  • Change to a more dramatic evening look, make sure you have some stronger colours to do this or just keep same colours from day and put more on.
  • On the day your hair must be done before the make up as it can change the look you need to create.
  • Make sure you have colour correctors with you on the day- ie green to get rid of red if you are stressed.
  • Facials – have these but start a good couple of months out from the event.


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