Resin Pedicure Bowl (White Pearl or Grey) - SLIGHTLY MARKED

Bowls and Spoons
£ 167.50 GBP

THESE BOWLS HAVE SLIGHT IMPERFECTIONS. Sadly a recent batch of our hand made bowls arrived slight imperfections on the finish of the bowl, a pattern left by the bag they come wrapped in. They are 100% usable and in great condition otherwise but clearly cannot be sold at full price. We hate wastage so wanted to give you a chance to give them a loving home. Pinks Boutique has launched a new clean line of white pedicure and foot ritual bowls and accessories. The range is designed to complement the on trend fashion for clean crisp spa design and nordic skandi design influences. The pedicure bowl and smaller bowls for soaks, scrubs and oils are made from resin, hand made and bespoke designed for spa use with handles for the therapist to carry the pedicure bowl and a base wide enough for male clients also. The pedicure bowl has a unique pearl glimmer which combined with water causes a beautiful shine and amplification of any fruits, flowers or foliage added into the bowl. The white pearl pedicure bowl is available with or without a foot shelf and suitable for all pedicure and foot ritual treatments ( diameter 47 cm) The resin is fully sanitisable per clients and is a robust material for heavy spa use in terms of cleaning and withstanding frequent bumps! To compliment the bowl Pinks Boutique also have accompanying white colonial trays, mother or pearl white spoons and cream teapots.

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